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You can’t think about summer in the US without thinking about Miami. It’s the go to spot for those looking for a fun time over Memorial Day Weekend, and if you plan on visiting Miami this summer, you may want to pay attention to the latest trends being delivered by local fashion designers. These stunning new styles have been designed to make you look your best, and we can guarantee that you will till look cool, even when the mercury tops 100 degrees in the shade.

Here are 4 items that need to be in your one of a kind summer wardrobe:

  1. Off-the-shoulder swimwear – Perhaps THE hottest trend for the coming season, the off-the-shoulder look is set to sizzle. Sunshine State Swimwear, created by Miami native Henriette Torenholt is where you should start.
  2. Chokers – This necklace style has never really gone out of fashion, but designers like Cecile Noelle and Nikkie Designs are creating bold new looks that are in high demand.
  3. Global accents – The bohemian look is back in style, with items like beaded bracelets with tassels once again all the rage. Miami brand Cloud Nine do a fantastic job of delivering this style.
  4. Peachy eyelids – It’s not just clothes and accessories that are heating up the summer, as makeup artist Tatiana Ceballos has some tips about what colors to wear. Peach-colored eyelids are her choice for summer, and she also suggests that contrasting lipstick colors will finish off the look. Yes, red is fine with peach.
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