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The seasons seem to pass in a heartbeat, which means it can get expensive for the fashion-conscious woman trying to stay in vogue. By simply adding a few accessories to last year’s wardrobe, you can create all-new looks on a budget. Quirky is the buzz word for the 2017 summer season, making it possible to get creative with your accessories selections.
Now is the time to load up on these affordable goodies, and we have selected a few runway-inspired accessories that are sure to add some fun and color to your wardrobe. Listed below are your must-have accessories, as well as where to find the, at great prices.
1. Colored Lens Sunglasses

The spring runways came alive with color, and oftentimes in places where it was least expected. Sunglasses weren’t just rose colored, but also in shades of orange, blue, and more. Besides the array of colors, they also came in a variety of different styles, from slim and sporty to oversized and glamorous. As cool as the shades are, they often come at a price, but if you are looking for stylish sunnies on a budget, we suggest checking out the Dlondon Collection
2. Wide Belts
Wide belts are back after disappearing at the tail end of the 80’s. Designers like Monse, Victoria Beckham, and Altuzarra are all getting in on the act, and providing plenty of great options. Classic leather belts in neutral shades are perfect for the office, while bright, floral prints are what you need when it’s time to go out and have some fun.
3. Agate Jewelry
Bohemian styles always seem to pop up when spring rolls around, but they also seem to evolve with each passing year. Stone strands are what is hot this year, with Christopher Kane and Givenchy dishing up pieces that Mother Nature had a hand in. We suggest bypassing the designer pieces, opting instead for agate jewelry that fits your budget.
4. Straw Floppy Hat
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Straw hats are always a must for spring, but 2017 is the year of the floppy hat. It’s a classic style, made famous by Brigitte Bardot, that is absolutely timeless. The new floppy look is a fantastic upgrade, as it adds an extra level of relaxation to a piece that is already the epitome of chill.
5. Handsfree Bags
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Handsfree bags take wearable to all new levels, with Stella McCartney, Rag & Bone, and Michael Kors all delivering small bags that are a great accessory, and which leave your hands free for important stuff, like taking selfies of your new look. Think of these bags as a more stylish version of the humble fanny pack.
Find these items at the right prices and you will be able to add them all to your spring wardrobe. If that isn’t an option, we’d love to hear about which one you just won’t be able to live without this season.

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